Community Funding Committee

North Star Fund provides grants in two categories:  through our Community Funding Committee and donor advised grants through services we offer to individuals, family and other private foundations, and businesses.

The Community Funding Committee (CFC) embodies North Star Fund's commitment to being an institution where activists from all walks of life come together with a shared vision of a New York City that works for all its residents. Community organizers working in New York City's most marginalized communities hold the majority of seats on the committee, in accordance with our commitment to activist-led grantmaking. They work in partnership with North Star Fund donors, board members and colleagues from peer organizations, who fill the remaining seats on the committee. The CFC's role is two-fold -- to use their experience, expertise and analysis to select the most effective and promising grassroots organizations to receive North Star funding, and to provide their insight and perspective to shape our grantmaking programs as a whole to have the greatest strategic impact. Membership on the CFC rotates regularly, ensuring a steady influx of new ideas and perspectives.

Zahida Pirani, Community Funding Committee Co-Chair

Consultant and Filmmaker
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Jennifer Flynn, Community Funding Committee Co-chair

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Samantha Franklin

Johnson Family Foundation
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Jaritza Geigel

Make the Road NY
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Ali Issa

War Resisters League
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Sam J. Miller

Picture the Homeless
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Rob Robinson

National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI)
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Linda Sarsour

Arab American Association of New York
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Henry Serrano

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