Conference Room

The Betty Kapetanakis Memorial Conference Room is a resource that North Star Fund offers to our grantees, and the broader philanthropic peer community. The room accommodates 22 people with a board room style table, and up to 50 for open room receptions and events.

Current North Star Fund grantees may use the space free-of-charge during business hours, Monday through Friday 10 am-4 pm. Past grantees are charged a small fee. The room is available for other groups, with a fee based on the size of the annual budget. For more information, email North Star Fund's facilities manager.

Views of the Betty Kapetanakis Memorial Conference Room

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The tables in the Betty Kapetanakis Memorial Conference room can be configured in many different ways.
A board-style round-table breakfast meeting.
Here the tables have been cleared away for a reception.
A meeting featuring breakout groups uses the room's pull-down projection screen.

The view into the room's catering kitchen.