North Star Fund's staff delivers the skills and experience to support and strengthen our work to sustain grassroots community organizing and activism leading the movement for equality, economic justice and peace in New York City.

Hugh Hogan, Executive Director

Hugh joined North Star Fund in 2003 with a firm commitment to bringing far greater resources to the grassroots movement for social justice. Hugh Hogan's profile

cori schmanke parrish, Deputy Director of Programs and Operations

cori is an experienced manager and administrator for social justice organizations. cori parrish's profile

Amy Paul, Communications Director

Amy directs the communications strategy for North Star Fund, and coordinates all print and online communications for North Star Fund. Amy Paul's profile

Helen Stillman, Donor Program Director

Helen Stillman joined the staff in 2012 as North Star Fund's first Social Media and Development Manager, then switched to directing our Donor Program in 2014. Helen Stillman's profile

Kofo Anifalaje, Development Officer

Kofo brings a frontline awareness of the importance of North Star Fund grants to her work with our stakeholders. Kofo Anifalaje's profile

Adam Liebowitz, Food and Environment Program Officer

Adam coordinates the Community Food Funders project, along with the Community Fund for Sandy Recovery. Adam Liebowitz's profile

Jennifer Arieta, Program Coordinator

Jennifer coordinates the grants programs at North Star Fund. Jennifer Arieta's profile

Jodi Doff, Executive Coordinator

Jodi Doff is responsible for coordinating the Executive Director's schedule, managing our conference room facilities rental, and keeping our office running smoothly.
Jodi Doff's profile

Kate Coley, Development Associate

Kate Coley keeps our donor database up-to-date and supports our development team.
Kate Coley's profile

Ana Espina, Financial Consultant

Ana Espina makes sure our finances are orderly and understandable. Ana Espina's profile

Marisol Ybarra, Special Projects Coordinator

Marisol is part of the team overhauling the North Star Fund website. Marisol Ybarra's profile


John Emerson
Consultant, Website Development. Website

Kathleen Pequeño
Communications Strategist. Email

Sharon Wyse
Development Advisor. Email