Watch Our Movies

Here's a series of short movies that explores what North Star Fund does, why we fund grassroots activism and community organizing, our impact, and why it's important to give to North Star Fund.

What does North Star Fund do?

What is community organizing?

What is North Star Fund's impact?

Why give to North Star Fund?

Many thanks to the members of our community who agreed to be interviewed for the videos. Our donor leaders: Theo Copley, Maddy DeLone, Nancy Meyer, Michael Ratner, David Strathairn, Marc Weiss. Our board members: Oona Chatterjee, Jason Franklin, Kevin Ryan, Henry Serrano. Our grantees: Rafael Samanez and Berta Camacho from VAMOS Unidos; Anne Washington from Community Voices Heard; Yorelis Vidal from Make the Road New York.