How I Got Involved With North Star Fund

Blog | Posted by Katherine Wolf | October 29, 2014

I joined North Star Fund's Springboard Giving Circle because of a New Year's resolution. Risk in all the ways-political, social, interpersonal, creative-was going to determine my attitude towards new endeavors in 2014. So when I was approached about joining...


Supreme Court Undermines Homecare Workers

Blog | Posted by Leah Obias | August 5, 2014

As the U.S. population ages, homecare workers, predominately women of color and immigrants, will be increasingly in demand for around-the-clock service. In the latest attack against working people, the Supreme Court argued five to four that "a home is not...


Change Capital Investments: One Tool for Moving to Abundance

Blog | Posted by Meghan McDermott | June 1, 2014

Social justice nonprofits understand all too well the relentless challenge of keeping the lights on while trying to meet their missions. Rarely do they have support and space to plan for sustainability in ways that are self-determined rather than...


Victory for People with AIDS who want to stay in their homes

Blog | Posted by Wanda Hernandez | April 25, 2014

Over 10,000 low-income New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS will now get to stay in their homes, and hundreds more will move out of shelters, because of a new "30% rent cap" affordable housing protection signed into law by Governor Cuomo...


City Passes Bill for Transparency in Sandy Rebuilding

Blog | Posted by Matt Ryan | December 20, 2013

On December 19th, New York City unanimously passed legislation to publicly track and report good local job creation in post-Sandy rebuilding. Since rebuilding began, there have been frequent reports of wage theft, worksite injuries, and hiring of out-of-state workers over...


Invited to Give Big

Blog | Posted by Jason Franklin | December 17, 2013

Jason Franklin is the executive director of Bolder Giving and a member of North Star Fund's board of directors.What does it take to give big? What we've seen at Bolder Giving over the course of hundreds of donors' stories is...


Mourning and Remembering Madiba's Legacy

Blog | Posted by Hugh Hogan | December 10, 2013

Like our black and brown peers in the city, for suburban and rural white kids growing up in the '80s after the Reagan Revolution, Nelson Mandela and the struggle against apartheid were catalysts that led many of us to question...


Vendors, the New Working Class, and a Grassroots Economy

Blog | Posted by Braeden Lentz | December 9, 2013

Braeden Lentz is a staff member at the Street Vendor Project (SVP), a North Star Fund grantee. This year, SVP and their partner organizations won a major victory with a 44-3 City Council vote in favor of lowering the fines...


Hey Mr. DeBlasio, Want to Improve Emergency Services?
Call a Community Activist

Blog | Posted by Hugh Hogan | November 3, 2013

This blog was drafted with the help of Lisa Cowan, researcher and board chair, Red Hook Initiative.If the polls hold on Tuesday, New York City's next Mayor will be Bill DeBlasio. High on his agenda should be strengthening community "resiliency"...


Breaking the "Fourth Wall" of Philanthropy

Blog | Posted by Imani Franklin | October 16, 2013

Imani Franklin is a recent graduate of Stanford University and a Tom Ford Fellow in Philanthropy at the Ford Foundation. Imani joined us on our fall Food Justice Van Tour.I lived in Black Atlanta growing up, and when the only grocery...


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