Donor Voices

North Star Fund supports grassroots community organizing. In turn, we are supported by a diverse community of donors. We are a proud donor organizer. Through North Star Fund, donors find ways to get active in their support for grassroots activists working for equality, economic justice and peace in every neighborhood in New York. Here are a few of their stories. . .

Anya Rous

Inspired by North Star's participatory and activist-led way of making grants.
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Lloyd Martinez

Relies on North Star to find the groups obilizing to fight poverty and the other issues that he cares about.
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Asa Johnson

Exploring the intersection of civic engagement and community organizing.
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Wanda Imasuen

A brilliant organizer who was born and raised in Harlem.
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Gene Carroll

Focused on overlap of labor movement and grassroots community organizing.
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Jackie Mann

North Star Fund's activist-centered approach is a model for her own foundation.
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Elise Boddie

Bridging social justice and the legal academy.
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Peter Brest

A donor since Day One of North Star Fund.
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Amelia Tuminaro

Doubles her gift by organizing her network of friends to contribute along with her.
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Nisha Atre Richardson

After years in the corporate world, she found North Star Fund. Now she's on our board of directors.
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Tony Lopez

A native New Yorker who believes strongly in giving back.
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Maggie Williams

Values the strong sense of community at every level of North Star Fund.
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Theo Yang Copley

Giving to North Star is the next step in the grounding that she received in social justice philanthropy from Resource Generation.
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Kevin Ryan

A foundation professional who values North Star Fund's approach to supporting New York's most innovative grassroots groups.
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