The Heart of Our Work

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An Overview of Our Grants and Donor Programs

North Star Fund welcomes people from all backgrounds into our community of philanthropic and community activism, to support grassroots-driven change and the movement for equality, economic justice and peace.

North Star Fund donor programs provide people at all giving levels the opportunity to learn about and support cutting edge community work across New York City's diverse neighborhoods. We offer numerous ways to explore how grassroots leadership and organizing is creating a more just, democratic and sustainable world.Through networking, special events, seminars, workshops, and visits with grantees, donors can engage with their peers and neighbors. In the process, people with resources to give but often limited time feel more part of the community fabric that makes us all proud to call New York home.

Our innovative grants and technical assistance program finds and invests in new talent and grassroots leadership to ensure people directly affected by injustice participate in our democracy. We are known for giving resources and voice to effective and talented new leaders who aren't waiting for democracy to happen in their communities. They are out knocking on doors, providing information to their neighbors and working every day to make sure all people have a voice in the forces that shape community life. Funding from North Star Fund is often the first grant a new organization has ever received for its work to overcome injustice and foster democracy in New York City.