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Grantee: FIERCE

It is my pride and pleasure to share our latest grants report with you about the vital social justice work that North Star Fund supports here in New York. You can download the report on our website.

With the continual rollout of federal policies that threaten the basic rights, safety, dignity, health, and livelihood of communities across the nation, our grassroots grantees are out in the streets—and in the courts and statehouses—demanding justice and fairness every single day.

The organizations highlighted are relentless in building resistance and power in schools, workplaces, and living rooms across the boroughs. As neighborhood- based, community-grown activists with firsthand knowledge of our city’s most critical challenges, it’s imperative that our grantees lead the way in developing strategies and organizing communities to survive and thrive. With your support, we can work together to dismantle the predatory, discriminatory systems that perpetuate deep wealth inequality and racial segregation and undermine the humanity of all our communities. And, together we can forge ahead in our vision for a more just and equitable New York.

North Star Fund is also taking action to strengthen our own work during these challenging times. In addition to the continued expansion of our responsive, partnership-based grantmaking within New York City, we are currently supporting organizing beyond city limits to the Hudson Valley, where farmworkers, immigrants, and low-income residents are experiencing worsening conditions.

We are also listening to our grantees and networks to build and sustain social justice movements during the current administration and beyond. In May, we convened 300 community members, donors, grantmakers, and organizers at Resilient New York, a forum to advance grassroots organizing as a key strategy to protect the dignity and rights of all New Yorkers.

During these bleak times, we need a North Star more than ever. I take strength from the North Star Fund community, and I hope you will continue to stand with the movement for justice and equity at home, across the country, and the globe.

Jennifer Ching,
Executive Director