Jennifer Ching at DACA rally with her son

Yesterday, the Trump Administration officially rescinded DACA, once again promoting a white supremacist agenda to create fear and attack our nation’s most vulnerable communities. In response, the North Star Fund community will be taking to the streets, filling the offices of our elected officials, and turning every conversation into an opportunity to learn, build power and defeat white supremacy in our nation’s capital and here in New York.

In the face of the Administration’s cowardice, however, New York’s amazing immigrant youth keep showing us what bravery looks like. Yesterday afternoon, dozens of young immigrants were arrested for peacefully protesting outside Trump Tower.

Our fellow New Yorkers are putting themselves on the line, at great risk, to fight for a humane and just immigration system.

The boldness of the DREAMer movement led to the creation of DACA in 2012. Together, we can fight to protect DACA and continue to build a stronger movement for immigrants’ rights.

Here at North Star Fund, our challenge is to move resources as quickly as possible into the field. The fight to protect these young immigrants will continue across the country and here in New York, especially over the next six months as this decision is implemented.

As New Yorkers, we have a special responsibility to protect the 45,000 plus immigrant youth in NYC, along with their families, and the many immigrant allies who are facing unjust deportations, loss of civil rights, violence, and harassment.

We will defend DACA. We will defeat a Muslim Ban. We will protect programs like Temporary Protected Status (TPS) that welcome refugees from war-torn or disaster-impacted nations.

We’re staying focused on building the leadership of activist organizations on the front lines. You can also join us in the streets, you can join us at our grantees’ community events, or by contributing directly to our network.

I invite you to also consider making a gift to the Rapid Response Fund or joining as a monthly sustainer. You’ll be supporting grants in response to fast-moving events. This is a time when every action we can take counts.

Photo courtesy of @activistynyc