Greenlight Campaign member holds a sign saying "Make Our Roads Safer"

Grantee: Green Light NY - Driving Together!

North Star Fund made a $5,000 Rapid Response grant to Green Light NY – Driving Together! for a lobby day in Albany on May 14.

Green Light NY – Driving Together!

A group of New Yorkers working to expand access to driver’s licenses to all residents of New York State regardless of immigration status.

Why this?

Without driver’s licenses, immigrants are put at odds with law enforcement, risk being charged exorbitant fees to get to and from work, and are unable to get covered by insurance. On May 14, Green Light NY transported people from New York City to the State Capitol, alongside over 300 immigrants from across the state, to take part in an action demanding that the bill expanding driver’s licenses be moved from committee to a vote.

Why now?

Momentum for equitable drivers licenses is building, especially in light of the Democratic primary of the New York Governor’s race. This action was used to put pressure not only on lawmakers to vote on this bill this session, but on Governor Cuomo and his opponents to take a stronger stance on the issue.

What can you do?

Keep up with the campaign on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@GreenLightNYDT).