A man and a woman hold a Riders Alliance sign that says "I need #FairFares because New York is extremely expensive!!!"

Riders Alliance and their coalition members successfully pushed City Council and the mayor to reach an agreement to provide half-priced MetroCards to low-income New Yorkers starting next year. This new program will reach up to 800,000 New Yorkers!

Who is the Riders Alliance?

The Riders Alliance fights for reliable, affordable, world-class public transit in order to build a more just and sustainable New York. North Star Fund has been a Riders Alliance funder since 2012 and provided Riders Alliance with a Rapid Response grant in May, 2018 so they could turn up the volume on their #FairFares campaign through additional public exposure and canvassing.

Why a Rapid Response grant?

After six years of working on this campaign, the coalition realized that there was an opening for this policy based on what they were hearing out of the City Council as budget negotiations were winding down. With 40+ members of the City Council and key citywide elected officials in support, they needed an extra high-profile push to get Mayor de Blasio to respond to what New Yorkers were demanding.

What can you do?

Keep up with the campaign on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@RidersNY). And remember that you can still #SwipeitForward and give swipes to New Yorkers so that no one has to be ticketed or jailed because they can’t afford a subway ride.