Grantee: Community Voices Heard

In May, 2018, North Star Fund made a $5,000 Rapid Response grant to Community Voices Heard for a mass mobilization to press Mayor de Blasio to commit an additional $1 billion per year in city funds to NYCHA repairs and needed improvements to NYCHA buildings.

Who is Community Voices Heard?

Community Voices Heard (CVH) is a member-led, multiracial organization principally comprised of women of color and low-income families in New York State. CVH builds power to secure racial, social and economic justice for all New Yorkers.

Why this?

The state of disrepair in NYCHA housing is vast and well-documented. Last winter, thousands of tenants were left without heat or hot water due to a massive heat outage.

Why now?

This spring 2018, their mobilization seized upon the momentum generated by the heat crisis this winter, as well as the competitive governor’s primary, which has highlighted a number of issues—including NYCHA—where Governor Cuomo has allowed viable solutions to linger for many years during his administration. Knowing that there was support for NYCHA funding in both the city council and the state legislature, CVH was able to increase their mobilizing of NYCHA tenants to demand action after years of neglect.

What can you do?

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