Mission, Vision, Values

For 37 years, North Star Fund has helped make democracy happen in New York City—we've built a diverse network of donor activists to support the grassroots leaders that move New York forward.

We help activists on the ground organize, gain visibility and influence, and pursue solutions to the greatest problems facing our city.

By putting resources into the hands of those directly impacted by injustice and providing long-term support, North Star Fund helps causes to become social movements. Movements “grow” from the roots up. Change can happen incrementally or suddenly, but diverse stakeholders coming together—leaders at the grassroots, activists who organize with them, and donors who fund them is what makes change stick. Stories get shared, communities get organized, coalitions get built, policymakers see the light, and victories happen. Victories that improve our lives and city. 

And we know that activism works, whether it is organizing on the streets for affordable housing, or organizing family members to commit dollars to activists who are taking on City Hall every day.

We envision a movement driven by an energized core of progressive philanthropists and grassroots leaders. Together, we are creating a New York City, and a world, that works for all of us.

We invite you to join us.

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