The Let Us Breathe Fund

In New York City and across the nation, too many unarmed Black men and women continue to be victim to police violence. Many more have job and education prospects diminished due to ongoing harassment by police for petty offenses through “broken windows” policing. This same system targets others in low-income communities of color, including youth, immigrants, LGBTQ people, and Muslims.

From Ferguson to New York City, activists have taken to the streets to say no more discriminatory policing and to spur a national dialogue around racism. The Let Us Breathe Fund is an opportunity to turn this crucial moment into a lasting movement that supports activism for fair and just policing, and resilient and economically sustainable communities. It is both rapid response to support immediate work on the ground, and a longer term investment in Black communities.

We—donor and community activists—need to make a deeper investment in economic opportunity and racial justice in Black communities. Through the launch and work of the Fund, we are creating a city that works for all of us.

How is the Let Us Breathe Fund unique?

  • Let Us Breathe moves donor resources strategically—right now—so that organizers on the ground can sustain the current momentum, and advance deeper policy, political and cultural change.
  • Let Us Breathe prioritizes Black-led and allied organizing of communities directly impacted by “broken windows” policing, poverty, and injustice in New York City.
  • Let Us Breathe puts decision-making in the hands of experienced community activists, who understand priorities and have relationships in local communities.
  • Let Us Breathe convenes a broad cross-section of affected communities, families, grassroots organizers, North Star Fund donors, other funders and other civil rights and social change organizations.

Get Involved

Make a commitment to Black-led organizing with a contribution to the Let Us Breathe Fund.

Many thanks to the NYC Chapter of Resource Generation for their partnership in raising money for the Fund.