Group of people wearing Riders Alliance shirts stand and hold signs like "dollar slice 6th ave

Grantee: Riders Alliance

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North Star Fund supports organizations and programs within the five boroughs of New York City and Hudson Valley that elevate community-led solutions.

How to Apply

General Criteria

Organizations funded by North Star Fund build “people power” and use community organizing as the primary strategy. Here are the five things we look for to confirm that an organization is building people power. You can learn more about these criteria on this page.

The organization is led by the people most directly impacted by the issues the organization works on, and those members have clear decision-making power

Brings people together and develops the leadership capacity of the people they work with

Works to identify, articulate and address the root causes of the problems they work on, not just the symptoms

Creates systemic change through “campaigns,” a planned series of events or activities that alter unjust power relationships

Has a strong vision for social justice and is committed to working towards a larger movement

Works within the five boroughs of New York City or the Hudson Valley.

Types of Grants

These are the types of grants that you can apply for right now:

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page, or take a look at our latest grantee announcement to get a sense of who we fund.

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