What is Donor Activism?

At North Star Fund, donor activism is defined by a willingness to “look under the hood” of our political and economic system and identify the root causes of poverty, injustice, and discrimination. 

How did we arrive at the greatest disparities in wealth since the Great Depression? How do you build and sustain movements across class and privilege, when people directly affected by injustice rarely find themselves in the same room with people with wealth? These are the kinds of questions that North Star Fund donors ask themselves and each other.  

Donor activism at North Star Fund is also a form of community organizing. We welcome donors from diverse backgrounds and support them to reach out and organize with their unique networks and constituencies. 

Ultimately, donor activism at North Star Fund helps you to:

To get involved with donor activism at North Star Fund, contact Helen Stillman by phone at (212) 620-9110, or email.

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