Why Support Community Organizing

North Star Fund is focused on funding at the community level where change so often begins. 

We’ve seen time and again that community organizing can lead to an expansion of civil liberties, fairer laws and policies, and greater access to resources. But what do we mean by community organizing? 

Community organizing is  about bringing together people directly affected by a problem and identifying how a problem could be solved. This could involve holding a community forum, meeting with elected officials, building a coalition, convening a rally or protest, or participating in a public hearing.




At its core, community organizing asks the questions: Who are the people making the decisions? Who are the decisions being made for? Who is invited to the table?

Over the past 35 years, North Star Fund has been a a hub for some of the most creative and effective community organizing strategies. 

Whether it is parents and students taking on school reform, communities of color demanding police accountability in the criminal justice system, or low-wage and immigrant workers organizing for living wage laws and dignity in the workplace, North Star Fund has seen that community organizing works to reverse the flow of power and generate alternatives that bring about equality and justice. 

Read how our grantees use community organizing to create a New York City where all of us can feel proud to call home.

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