Donor-Advised Grants (for Grantseekers)

North Star Fund partners with progressive donors to meet their philanthropic goals. Some donor activists know exactly which organizations they would like to support. Others have broad areas of interest and want North Star Fund’s advice in finding organizations that are working on the issues that matter to them. Still other partners come to North Star Fund to take advantage of our expertise in setting up community-led grantmaking programs.

Most donor-advised fund grants do not have an application process. North Star Fund recommends groups that we know are doing effective, cutting-edge work in a donor’s interest areas, many of whom are current or former grantees.

However, for donor-advised funds which utilize a community process, there is often an application process. Any information on applying for donor-advised grants can be found in this section of our website, as it is available.

Grant guidelines vary based on the interests of the donor. To learn more, please reach out to cori parrish,