Donate to the Education Justice Fund

North Star Fund is issuing an invitation to individual and institutional philanthropic partners and leaders in the progressive labor movement to collaborate in the creation of the New York City Education Justice Fund, with the aim of sustaining and growing two of the city’s leading educational justice formations, and seeding new, impactful initiatives.

Our two initiating grassroots partners are the Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ), a coalition of seven of the city’s leading parent organizing groups; and the Urban Youth Collaborative (UYC), a joining together of three of the city’s most effective student organizing groups. For nearly a decade, both of these coalitions have brought member organizations from across the city together to make important advances in community-driven education reform. The North Star Fund Board has made a $200,000 commitment to the fund, matching 1 of every 2 dollars given by generous individual donors, as well as partners in labor and private philanthropy.