Our Vision of a Just Future

The U.S. is a country of profound inequality, and nowhere is the gap between rich and poor more acutely seen and felt than in the new York City metro region. While much has changed in the last 37 years sine 28 long-sighted donors established North Star Fund, including an economic and cultural renewal in many neighborhoods, too many of the underlying inequalities that define New York City life have only gotten worse. Homelessness continues to grow, and today there are more homeless people than there were during the Great Depression. Gender discrimination and sexual violence remain as all-too-real components of New York's social fabric, and the city's economy survives on the backs of a low-wage immigrant labor force that increasingly cannot afford to live in the region.

At North Star Fund, our community of donor activists are committed to undoing this inequality and the failings of our democracy. We catalyze a more just future for all New Yorkers by enabling those with resources beyond their needs to leave a legacy of justice and opportunity. We're determined to build a culture of respect and support for grassroots organizers, who day in and day out, work to make our city a beacon of possibility, opportunity and justice for everyone. We do this by making even more and larger investments in local leaders, along with their organizations, networks, and activism. In the process, we enable more communities to share power over the policies and practices that define our democracy and make it authentic. We won't stop until we achieve our mission to create a New York City metro region where everyone shares a just future.

With Activism’s Future, our most successful capital campaign now complete, North Star Fund is positioned to be an even more important resource for social justice. We need to be able to sustain the growth that the campaign provided and to create a structure that will help us meet the social challenges of the next 37 years and beyond. To do so, we will inaugurate our legacy circle, Sharing a Just Future, on May 9, 2016. The circle will help us advance the cause of social justice by enabling donors at every giving level the opportunity to strengthen North Star Fund’s long-term financial base through a variety of legacy gifts.

For many people, sustaining the impact of their charitable giving beyond the limits of their own lifetimes is especially important. The concerns that prompt North star Fund donors to support the social justice issues of today will remain concerns into the future. The struggle social justice is an ongoing one. The specific causes may change, but the larger goal remains critical: Sharing a Just Future. Legacy giving allows donors to maintain their support for this larger goal of a just future in perpetuity.

With your contributions to the Sharing a Just Future Legacy Circle, North Star Fund will deepen its work in philanthropy that transforms the city. We can share in a just future by connecting with others, channeling our compassion collectively, and giving together. Our Legacy Circle will weave a fabric of care that benefits the common good—not just those with power and privilege.

Sharing a Just Future will encourage and recognize gifts that enhance North Star Fund's vision and impact. One of our major goals over the next seven years is to build an endowment that provides permanent capital to advance grassroots-led social justice in the New York metro region. Some planned gifts will enable North Star Fund to develop and build that endowment. Other gifts will support a specific cause or grassroots program and grow our grantmaking capacity.