Grants & Programs

North Star Fund makes strategic grants from the day activists begin to organize, through months and years of planning, heightened moments of public demonstration, meetings with legislators, and coalition-building—the result is victories that change policies and transform lives in our city and our nation.

Special Initiatives

North Star Fund’s donor activist community and Community Funding Committee work together to invest in the most effective social justice work in New York City. We support grassroots activists who are going beyond band-aid solutions to address the root causes of injustice. They use a strategy called community organizing to build the “people power” to make real change.

We take risks on grassroots groups that other foundations won’t touch. We support groups for the long haul, and provide more than just financial support. And we respond nimbly when a breaking issue hits.

Seed Funding

Funding groups that are too new, too controversial, or too small to get traditional funding.

North Star Fund takes risks on new and emerging organizations responding to pressing problems in their neighborhoods. And we are with groups at every step along the way of their growth–from start-up to seasoned.

We provide strategic advice, coaching, and trainings to help activist groups thrive and win real change.

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Together with our donors, North Star Fund allows grassroots groups to make profound changes to make this a more just and livable city.

Every grant dollar has an impact. According to a 2012 report by the National Center of Responsive Philanthropy, for every dollar invested in community organizing, marginalized communities see a return of $115 in private and public funds to combat poverty, support vibrant public spaces, and invest in our kids’ education.