Apply for a NYC Grant

North Star Fund makes democracy happen in New York City by supporting the leadership of people directly affected by injustice. We help activists on the ground organize, stand up for themselves, and pursue solutions to the greatest problems facing our city.

Catalyst Grants

Supports emerging grassroots leaders of small or fledgling groups

Grassroots Action Grants

Supports grassroots organizations responding to pressing problems

Innovative Activism Grants

Supports arts and activism, resources for organizing, and alternative institutions.

Rapid Response Grants

Supports responses to unforeseen breaking political developments.

Movement Leadership Grants (Fall Cycle Only)

Supports established organizing groups to move to the next level.

Building Resilient Communities Grants (Application Review in Progress)

Supporting experimentation to build a broader movement for social justice.

Donor Advised Grants

Grant guidelines vary based on the interests of the donor.