Movement Leadership Grants (Fall Cycle Only)

Purpose of grants: Movement Leadership Grants provide a deeper investment of general support in effective organizations that have already shown a strong record of success in their community organizing work. In accepting the grant, a group's leadership team—both staff and members—commit to participating in peer learning sessions throughout the year.

Grant Amounts: $25,000 per year for two years and full participation by three leaders in peer learning training sessions as a requisite to receive the grant.

Eligible Groups: North Star Fund will consider applications from both:

  • Organizations with budgets under $800,000
  • Organizing projects with budgets under $800,000

If you are a larger, direct services organization, learn more about seeking funding for your organizing project(s).

Requirements for Movement Leadership Grants

Organizations must have:

  1. A demonstrated base building strategy, stable leadership, and solid vision for sustaining membership's involvement;
  2. A race, gender, class analysis that is built into their work;
  3. A demonstrated strong organizing strategy;
  4. One or more campaigns underway with a demonstrated track record and victories;
  5. A clear orientation towards movement building and collaboration;
  6. Solid infrastructure for sustaining its work, including a fundraising plan that can sustain the organization in the coming years; and
  7. The time and ability for three organizational leaders (ideally the executive director, a campaign organizer, and a seasoned member leader) to fully participate in the peer learning program. Learn more about the peer learning program structure and time commitment.

Strong preference will be given to organizations that:

  1. Are current or former North Star Fund grantees;
  2. Can clearly demonstrate how a Movement Leadership Grant would contribute to moving the organization's work to a higher level; and
  3. Do not have access to other leadership development training and resources.

Returning Groups: Organizations that have received a Movement Leadership Grant in the past, and have experienced significant transitions (including changes in leadership) are eligible to apply again for this program. Returning applicants must demonstrate commitment and capacity to participate in the peer learning program and meet all of the eligibility guidelines.

How to Apply

All applications must be submitted through North Star Fund's online application. The next deadline to apply is Friday, September 15, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Applications will be available to submit beginning in August. 

Before getting started, we recommend you:

Once you have completed those steps, use the link below to begin your application.

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Recent Movement Leadership Grantees

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