Organizing Resilient Communities Grants

Purpose of grants: Organizing Resilient Communities Grants provide rapid response funding for immediate post-election organizing efforts in this time of heightened racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and Muslim and Jewish religious oppression. Funding will support the creation of spaces that better prepare communities to withstand the current wave of repression and human rights abuses. North Star Fund believes that organized communities are best placed to survive, adapt, and grow in the face of stress and ultimately transform conditions of oppression. Continuing our commitment to building the organizing power and resiliency of low-income and people of color communities, these emergency grants will support short-term projects that build the leadership and local self-reliance of directly impacted communities. 

Grant Amounts: Up to $2,000 for immediate organizing efforts and convening efforts centered on strategizing, healing, and building community resiliency.

Eligible Groups: Current or former North Star Fund grantees. North Star Fund will fund short-term projects that focus on post-election organizing efforts including:

  • The creation of convening spaces for strategizing, healing, and building resiliency. Examples include forums, town halls, workshops, etc. for leadership development and skills development, or community processing, awareness raising, and healing.
  • Base building, outreach, and community engagement.
  • Collaboration and movement building efforts to address the broader strategic needs of directly impacted communities in the face of repression and human rights abuses.


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. To apply, contact Catherine Eusebio, Program Officer, at to schedule an initial phone interview. If you are eligible for a grant, you will be asked to submit a one-page request.

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