Rapid Response Grants

Purpose of grants: To support organizing and activism responding to urgent threats or breaking opportunities for needs that could not have otherwise been anticipated. This grant is designed to support successful applicants to achieve a specific outcome within 3-6 months. Organizations may receive only one rapid response grant per year.

Grant Amounts: Up to $5,000 for immediate actions.

Eligible Groups: North Star Fund will consider applications from organizations that meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Have budgets under $800,000.
  2. Led by directly impacted people, particularly those who are: low-income; people of color, immigrants and/or multi-racial; women, trans, gender non-conforming, and/or queer; youth; working class; disabled; and long-time residents.
  3. Have, or are forming, a strong social justice vision for their organizing efforts that is grounded in their understanding of root causes of oppression.

Strong preference will be given to organizations that:

  • Lack access to philanthropy, funding, and capacity building/training opportunities;
  • Are neighborhood-based and/or organizing residents of the outer boroughs;
  • Are engaged, or plan to engage in, campaigns that win change through legislative advocacy, shifts in culture/public perception, and/or concrete changes in conditions at the local level.


Rapid response grants do not support:

  • Travel to conferences
  • Budget shortfalls or cash flow issues
  • New project ideas (For seed funding, you may apply for a Catalyst Grant)


Organizations may apply for a rapid response grant at any time. To apply, contact Catherine Eusebio, Program Officer, at catherine@northstarfund.org to schedule an initial phone interview. If you are eligible for a rapid response grant, you will be asked to submit a one-page request. 

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