$31,200 Awarded in Rapid Response Grants

New York’s grassroots organizers draw on decades of experience fighting against inequity and oppression. For many of the communities where they live and work, the new administration has created a climate defined by fear that presents increasing challenges for the social justice movement. To rise up against escalating attacks on those living at the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, immigration status, religion, and ability, our grassroots grantees need North Star Fund and our donors more than ever.

That’s why North Star Fund launched the Organizing Resilient Communities rapid response grant in January 2016 to move resources to the movement. Since then, we’ve awarded $31,200 to post-election community organizing led by the following organizations:

  • Black Trans Media - $2,000
  • Brandworkers - $2,000
  • CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities - $2,000
  • DRUM South Asian Organizing Center - $2,000
  • Damayan Migrant Workers Association - $2,000
  • Enlace Worker Federation - $4,700
  • Equality Labs - $2,000
  • Flatbush Tenant Coalition - $2,000
  • Laundry Workers Center - $2,000
  • Movement for Justice in El Barrio - $2,500
  • New York State Youth Leadership Council - $2,000
  • Parole Preparation Project - $2,000
  • Street Vendors Project - $2,000
  • VOCAL-NY - $2,000

You can make a recurring gift of any amount to directly support our grantees for the next four years and beyond. Visit

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