Announcing First Round of Let Us Breathe Grantees

In the first round of Let Us Breathe grantmaking which concluded in April 2015, these organizations received funding to organize for stronger investments in Black communities, to push for police accountability and reform, and to end “broken windows” policing.

Black Alliance for Just Immigration

Supporting resiliency in Black communities by pushing for City investment in youth employment, affordable transportation, mental health services, and affordable housing.

Brooklyn Movement Center

Central Brooklyn residents working to end discriminatory policing and promote “Cop Watch” to hold the NYPD accountable.

CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities

Mobilizing Asian American communities to support justice for Akai Gurley’s family and combating anti-Black racism within Asian American communities.

Community Voices Heard

Mobilizing young Black public housing residents in Harlem to work against discriminatory policing.

Justice Committee

Families who’ve lost loved ones at the hands of the police and who are pushing for a special prosecutor to bring officers to justice for these crimes.

Picture the Homeless

Homeless activists working to end police harassment of homeless communities and promote racial justice.

Streetwise and Safe

Black queer youth working towards safer communities by ending discriminatory policing and crafting remedies driven by community needs.


Ensuring the needs of IV drug users, HIV-positive individuals, and LGBTQ people are included in the City’s responses to the harms caused by “broken windows" policing. 

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