Announcing the departure of our esteemed executive director, Hugh Hogan

It is with deep gratitude for and celebration of his contributions that we announce the departure of Hugh Hogan as the executive director of North Star Fund.

For 13 years, Hugh has demonstrated visionary leadership as he led North Star Fund through a sustained, unprecedented period of tremendous growth and impact on many fronts. Under Hugh's direction, North Star Fund increased its grants and programming budget from $300,000 to over $3 million annually. Hugh led efforts to deepen North Star Fund’s support for grassroots groups by significantly increasing our grants size, broadening the variety of grants offered and providing multi-year support. During his tenure, North Star Fund grantees won the Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights, settlements on wage theft, free lunch for New York City public middle school students, the launch of IDNYC, the appointment of a special prosecutor handling all civilian deaths at the hands of police, and so much more.

Hugh leading a panel on the community-led response to Sandy as part of Talking Transitions Project in 2013. Pictured here with Ligia Gualpa of Workers Justice Project and City Councilman Carlos Menchaca.

Hugh also led the creation of the Let us Breathe Fund, the Greening Western Queens Fund, the Sandy Grassroots Hurricane Relief Fund, and Community Food Funders, which taken together have raised and distributed millions of dollars in grants and support to frontline racial justice, environmental justice, and food justice communities.

North Star Fund board chair, Nisha Atre, says, "Hugh joined North Star Fund during a difficult moment in the organization's history and not only persevered, but thrived. He deeply believed in the organization's social justice values and raised the funding required to bring those values to life. This unique combination of gifts is rare, and over the past 13 years they have made North Star Fund the grassroots philanthropic leader it is today. We thank Hugh for bringing vision, grit, empathy, humor, and true leadership to his role. We are sorry to see him go, but we also know that North Star Fund is a better place because of him."

Hugh celebrates at the 2014 Community Gala with donor activists, Katrina vanden Heuvel and Ruth Messinger, and Mayor Bill deBlasio

While Hugh will be deeply missed by our board, staff, grantee partners, and donors, we are excited that he will bring his leadership skills and innovative thinking to the van Ameringen Foundation as their new executive director on September 7, 2016. Since 1950, the van Ameringen Foundation has supported prevention, education, and direct care in the mental health field, with a particular focus on low-income communities.

We are pleased to report that the North Star Fund board had a solid succession plan in place prior to the news of Hugh's departure. We will shortly announce the members of our executive leadership transition team, which will include members of our board and stakeholder communities. This committee will oversee the transition process with Hugh as he wraps up his work at North Star Fund, and spearhead the selection process for North Star Fund’s next executive leader in the weeks and months to come.

Hugh says, "I felt incredibly lucky and a tremendous sense of responsibility when I became North Star Fund's executive director following the tragic death of my beloved predecessor Betty Kapetanakis. It's been an incredible journey and I am so proud of and thankful for the donor activists, grantee partners, and North Star Fund’s staff team and board members who have made it all possible.

Hugh leading a learning tour on "broken windows" policing with Joo-Hyun Kang, director of Communities United for Police Reform

"North Star Fund is shining as bright as it ever has, and I will continue to be 1000 percent committed to this foundation's enduring mission of moving resources to organizers who ensure that those who most deeply feel the sting of injustice have the platform to stand, organize, and be heard as we all work to create a greater New York City and a more peaceful, just, and sustainable planet."

Join us at the Community Gala on May 9 to congratulate Hugh on all of his achievements and envision a new chapter for North Star Fund and a more just future for all. 

North Star Fund Board, Staff & Community

Hugh with his daughters, Jane and Rachel

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