Donor Story: Barbara Winslow

Barbara Winslow is a professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Brooklyn College and an activist for women’s rights. She first began supporting North Star Fund thirty years ago after working on reproductive rights issues alongside then executive director, Marjorie Fine.

Barbara grew up in a family with wealth during the 1960s, a time of social unrest. She picketed Woolworths as a teen and has participated for decades in the movement for women’s rights and peace. Her activism was informed by the knowledge that she was privileged. However, when she inherited additional wealth, she faced the new challenge of understanding how to best invest these resources.

“I came into my money when I was 40 around the same time that I ran into North Star Fund,” she explains. “I’ve been an activist ever since I was a teenager, but North StarFund enabled me to bring a new dimension to my activism.”

Becoming part of the North Star Fund community created unique opportunities for Barbara.

“North Star Fund wasn’t just a place to give money. It provided me with an understanding about what people with money can do and the role of philanthropy,” she says. “It was a perfect connection for me.”

Barbara has decided to ensure that North Star Fund is there for people in the future and has named North Star Fund as a beneficiary in her will. Her legacy will help to support future generations of activism for New York City.

“New York City would be a terrible place without North StarFund,” she says. “I love North Star Fund.”

Barbara is still committed to the long-term vision of a more just future. “I’m an old-fashioned socialist,” she says. “I think a just future is a society where there’s genuine peace,real distribution of wealth and power, and we take
care of the environment.”

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