Donor Story: Katherine Wolf

Katherine Wolf cares deeply about wellness. They, Katherine's preferred gender pronoun, work for a health care collective and incorporate their view of wellness into how they think about social justice.

“Our liberation is tied to people in other movements. When other people have prosperity, community, and wellness, that’s when we will also.”

As a member of Resource Generation and an early member of North Star Fund’s Springboard Giving Circle, Katherine has been in many conversations about how to lessen the inequalities created by privilege. They also have a holistic vision for what a just future looks like.

When the financial decision of a family member meant that they received a sudden influx of funds, Katherine was faced with making some quick decisions.

“North Star Fund is one of the people/organizations that I named as a ‘transfer on death’ beneficiary,” Katherine explains. “When I set up a will, then I’ll name North Star Fund there as well.”

Katherine was deliberate in their choice of North Star Fund. “I knew that North Star Fund would be able to absorb a gift like this. Although the obvious choice is to name a family member, all my family members have access to an account of a similar size.”

Katherine has ties to many organizations through their work in the community, thanks especially to their participation on North Star Fund's Community Funding Committee. They assert, “I trust that North Star Fund has the capacity and infrastructure to put my gift to good, long-term use. It comforts me to know that through them my resources will continue to support a diversity of organizations on the frontlines of social justice movements."

Katherine takes a big-picture view of what they can accomplish with their estate planning. “When making these type of estate decisions, it’s about our family, but also about the communities that we live with and the families that we’re connected to. I want to support organizing for justice that’s unfolding decades from now.”

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