Donor Story: Maggie Renzi and John Sayles

John Sayles and Maggie Renzi are independent filmmakers who use their creative energy to expose injustice and amplify the voices of those most impacted. In 2009, they won theFrederick Douglass Award at the North Star Fund CommunityGala. Maggie and John heard about North Star Fund’s strong reputation in the philanthropic sector, and they soon became donor activists, giving to North Star Fund every year.

John was impressed by the strategic and well-researched campaigns of North Star Fund’s grantees. From immigrant rights to MTA transit riders’ advocacy to affordable housing, John wanted to invest in the grantees’ concrete goals and plans to make justice happen every year. Thus, John and Maggie decided to include North Star Fund in their will.

“By supporting North Star Fund, you support many groups,”John explains.

“We want the chance to have the money mean something after we die, but we don’t believe in passing it on to just our family,” Maggie says.“Institutions like North Star Fund need to have the security of knowing there will be money down the road. We offer that kind of support to people who benefit from grants at North Star Fund.”

tags: Donor Voices
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