Donor Story: Marjorie Fine

Marjorie Fine is a philanthropic consultant and fundraising trainer based in New York City. Marjorie has worked for decades to make New York City a better place for all New Yorkers. She served as the executive director of North Star Fund from 1987 to 1993. In the decades since, she has remained a key advisor and committed donor.

“I want to make New York City a place where all our residents can feel great and do well,” explains Marjorie. “I want every New Yorker to have coffee on the corner and to breathe good air and be proud of living here, and North Star Fund is making that happen.”

Marjorie has seen that it takes a great deal of work to keep NewYork City changing for the better. “Money and love are both engines of making change move forward,” Marjorie says. “But not just love. You need that money.”

Marjorie knows that money, when placed in the right hands, can accomplish big victories for disenfranchised communities. She knows that North Star Fund is perfectly positioned between donors who want to use their money to make a difference and grassroots groups to whom the money would be a great asset to make social change.

“North Star Fund is brilliant at keeping up with the times,providing support to community activists, and helping donors be engaged,” she says.

That is why in 2013, she decided to name North Star Fund in her will.

“When I was much younger, I thought it wasn’t the right time and I didn’t have enough money,” Marjorie explains. “Then I realized that I did have enough money, and this way, people won’t have to guess at what I wanted.”

Marjorie believes, “We need to keep addressing the issues, organize with communities, make an impact, and move the needle forward. And I want to be part of that now and in the future.”

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