Fall 2015 Introduction to Springboard Giving Circle

Have you heard about the Springboard giving circle? Springboard giving circle is a collaborative project between North Star Fund and the New York chapter of Resource Generation. In its first two rounds, Springboard members worked alongside North Star Fund’s Community Funding Committee to raise and distribute over $130,000 to support grassroots organizing groups in New York City.

You can learn more about Springboard at an info session on Wednesday, September 9th at 7 pm. The info session will be facilitated by members of the Fall 2014 giving circle who will share their experiences and answer your questions. RSVP today.

As a Springboard member, I participated in discussions on how grassroots activists were transforming the city from the ground up.  -- Sarah Frank

Is Springboard for you?

Springboard is open to next generation donors of diverse racial and income backgrounds with the means to give now or in the future, and the networks to leverage more resources for grassroots-led social justice work. If you’re motivated to invest in communities working to build a more just society, if you want to leverage resources for social justice or if you’re just getting your feet wet in the world of social justice philanthropy and not sure how to go about it, this is a fantastic way to make the kind of change you want to see in the world. You can learn more about the experience of Springboard from these members:

How Springboard made me a better philanthropist -- Sarah Frank

My New Year's resolution -- Katherine Wolf

How does Springboard work?

Springboard will run for a period of three months, starting in October 2015. Through participation in the giving circle, members will:

  • Work alongside North Star Fund's Community Funding Committee of seasoned activists
  • Give money to support grassroots groups on the cutting edge of social change work
  • Develop fundraising skills to inspire others to support community organizing and activism
  • Visit grassroots organizations, connect with people on the ground, and learn what makes the strategies of local organizers successful
  • Collaborate with others to make grants decisions

To join us for the Fall 2015 Introduction session, RSVP on the event page. If you have questions, bring them with you to the session or get in touch with Helen Stillman.

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