#LetUsBreathe but Let’s Not Rest

Over 500 people attended the Let Us Breathe Forum at Columbia University this past Saturday, including more than 30 movement leaders, grassroots organizers, and funders, who shared their analysis, ideas, and strategies for racial justice, fair policing, asset building, safety, and healing. 

Ejeris Dixon of Vision Change Win Consulting, one of the producers of the Forum, said, "It is Black Brilliance Day".  

In his keynote address, Rashad Robinson, executive director of ColorOfChange shared, "We can't expect society to invest in protecting Black lives if our movement is not ready to invest in Black leadership."

Indeed, now is the time to give more to advance Black-led organizing.

North Star Fund, in partnership with the New York City Chapter of Resource Generation, has already granted $80,000 to Black-led and allied organizations working to strengthen investment in Black communities, push for police accountability and reform, and end "broken windows" policing. With your help, we can do much more.

Finally, if you missed the Let Us Breathe Forum, you can view the Opening and Closing Plenaries and see photographs from the event. 


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3. Apply for a Let Us Breathe grant by the next deadline: June 1, 2015. 

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