Liz Hirsch: My vision for the future

Liz Hirsch is an Educator at the 14th Street Y Preschool, and has been a North Star Fund donor since 1979

My vision for the future: An empowered grassroots, working together collaboratively and creatively.

At the school where I work, we’ve been inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education. Reggio Emilia is a city in northern Italy that has a strong tradition of community-wide cooperation. The early childhood schools come out of that cooperative tradition—children, parents and teachers are all partners in education. Together, they create environments that are rich in opportunities to learn from each other, and to make and strengthen community.

I’ve been a donor to North Star Fund almost from its beginning 30 years ago. What keeps me involved is a belief in the way that North Star works in partnership with communities. North Star empowers the grassroots. That’s where I see hope—the same hope that I encounter every day in my work with children.

This profile originally appeared in the 2011 North Star Fund Annual Report


tags: Donor Voices
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