Nisha Atre Richardson

I came to North Star after years of working in the corporate world. I had been politically active in college and had been looking for a catalyst for getting active again. North Star fit the bill. I was impressed by the 30 year history of North Star Fund. It was clearly an organization with staying power. I liked the fact that North Star Fund gives grants to groups organizing to improve people’s lives long-term, not just quick fixes. Most of all, I like North Star’s commitment to progressive values.

As the recession wears on, we need to do more to lend a hand to people who are still struggling. The Obama victory proved that grassroots organizing works. So I asked my friends who have been fortunate enough to do well financially in their careers to please help.

My friends came through. Last year, North Star received five generous gifts in my honor. I was humbled that they would support me; they didn’t know much about the organization, the recession was in full bloom and yet they still were willing to give. It showed me that sometimes all you have to do is ask.


tags: Donor Voices
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