Theo Yang Copley

Theo Yang Copley was a co-chair of the 2009 30th Anniversary Community Gala.

I first learned about North Star Fund in 2006 through my work with Resource Generation (RG). RG is a national organization that supports young people with wealth to use all their resources to promote social and economic justice. I served on Resource Generation’s CORE Advisory Committee, which seeks to engage young people of color with wealth in social justice philanthropy, and create a space where people could come together to envision more just models of philanthropy. I also serve on the Planning Committee of the annual retreat for young donors, Making Money Make Change. In these ways, I have been active in building community and developing inclusive programming for a diverse young donor community.

I support North Star Fund because as a native New Yorker it is important to me to fund local organizations striving to make the city a more equitable place. I appreciate North Star Fund for the way they do philanthropy- funding a wide range of social justice organizations across the five boroughs. I really like their use of an activist-led grantmaking model. North Star Fund is a foundation that lives by its values.

It’s an exciting time in history to promote community-based organizations when we have a former community organizer as our nation’s president. As a queer Asian-American woman I feel a responsibility to organize my community to create change. That’s why I want to help North Star Fund expand their base of philanthropists of color. I believe an effective social justice movement requires a diverse donor base. We need a community as big and excited and inclusive as possible in New York to support social justice philanthropy and North Star Fund.


tags: Donor Voices
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