We are committed to Black-led organizing

The Movement for Black Lives swept the nation four years ago this week and continues to demand an end to police killings of Black people. And, only two years ago, Sandra Bland was another casualty in the endemic police violence against Black people and women of color. As I am writing this, 523 people, including 14 trans people, have been shot or killed by police in 2017 alone, and there is no doubt that there is much work to be done.

Today, we celebrate the Black-led organizations forging a path to justice, accountability, and different approaches to community safety and policing. With the momentum of Black Lives Matter, innovative organizing practices are emerging across the city to engage those pushed farthest beyond the margins. Two years ago, North Star Fund answered organizers’ call to move more resources to Black-led and multiracial organizations fighting police violence and structural racism with the Let Us Breathe Fund.

Our stellar Let Us Breathe Community Funding Committee just awarded the fourth round of unrestricted grants totaling $174,000 through the Let Us Breathe Fund. You can see the full list of groups below. With the support of donors like you, our grants continue to invest in:

  • Organizing for police accountability and reform to end “broken windows” policing;
  • Community healing from the daily threat and trauma of police violence;
  • Advancing the leadership of Black women and girls, and LGBTQ and immigrant community members;
  • Outreach, services, and political education to Black transgender youth where they can access it; and
  • Powerful strategies to build collective power.

Because of our community-led grantmaking practices and deep partnerships with grassroots organizations, North Star Fund is constantly improving our operations and practices to authentically support the movement for lasting social change. Thank you for joining us for the long haul in resourcing the fight to end police violence.

$174,000 Unrestricted Grants​ Awarded to Black-led Organizing

African Communities Together ($10,000) 
Audre Lorde Project ($10,000)
Black Alliance for Just Immigration ($10,000)
Black LGBTQ Immigrant Justice Project ($4,000)
Black Trans Media ($10,000) 
Black Youth Project 100 ($10,000)
Brooklyn Movement Center ($10,000)
Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) ($10,000)
Community Voices Heard ($10,000)
Equality for Flatbush ($10,000)
Faith in New York ($10,000)
FIERCE ($10,000)
Girls for Gender Equity ($5,000)
Justice Committee ($10,000)
LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent ($10,000) 
Mass Story Lab ($5,000)
Picture the Homeless ($10,000)
Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP) Campaign ($10,000)
UndocuBlack Network ($10,000)

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