Why I Give: Chris Wang

Chris Wang has been a North Star Fund donor for almost 25 years.

Chris had experienced the power and effectiveness of community organizing directly when, in 1974, he took a year out of school to organize in Springfield Massachusetts. He collaborated with community activists to set up a neighborhood health center—what he calls a “life-changing experience.” Thirty-five years later, that health center is still operating and serving uninsured and low income people in the South End neighborhood of Springfield.

In 1984—having just completed his residency and begun his first job as a doctor—Chris wanted to contribute some of his new discretionary income to a similarly transforming, progressive cause. He was drawn to North Star Fund’s activist-led grantmaking process. “I didn’t have the experience or expertise to identify effective organizations, but North Star Fund has a great system for reviewing applications and awarding funds.”

Most of all, Chris supports North Star Fund’s strategy of ‘change beyond charity.’ “North Star Fund works to empower people working in New York’s many communities.”


tags: Donor Voices
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