Cathy Dang

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Cathy Dang is the executive director of CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, a pan-Asian organization that organizes low-income Asian immigrants for systemic and institutional change towards racial, gender, and economic justice. Their primary area of organizing is housing justice in Chinatown and Queensbridge Public Housing. While living conditions can become deplorable, CAAAV fights for safe and healthy living conditions in addition to preventing massive displacement of long-time residents and families. CAAAV has organized on police accountability since the 90s recognizing that in order to win racial justice we need to tackle the system that perpetuates the root causes of racism and economic inequality.

Cathy has organized in labor and community-led development for over 10 years with Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, the Retail Action Project, and other grassroots organizations. She is originally from Ridgewood, Queens and Los Angeles, California, and a proud daughter of Chinese-Vietnamese refugee parents who raised her in their nail salon in Downtown Brooklyn.