Christine Parker

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Christine Parker joined the North Star Fund Board of Directors in late 2013. She brings roughly 15 years of experience working in a diverse cross-section of industries including the financial, nonprofit, and government sectors. Christine is an attorney at Sullivan & Cromwell, where she specializes in the regulation of complex financial products. She is an expert in the energy industry and previously served as a senior advisor to U.S. Senator Charles Schumer on energy and defense issues. She holds undergraduate and law degrees from Yale and is the mother of two daughters.

She shares North Star Fund’s vision of a more equitable and just New York City and believes that every New Yorker, whether they were born here or arrived in life, should have the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

Having worked in the U.S. Senate and seeing the limited legislative progress on important domestic policy issues,

“North Star Fund’s work to promote economic and racial equality and civil rights is ever more crucial. North Star Fund helps New Yorkers of all backgrounds and circumstances achieve their potential. North Star Fund makes New York City a more welcoming environment and a better place to live for everyone.”