Emma Kryche

Emma Kreyche is a Senior Worker Rights Advocate at the Worker Justice Center of New York, based in the Hudson Valley. Emma’s work at WJCNY focuses on outreach, legal education, and advocacy to combat abuses in low-wage industries and advance the rights of immigrant workers.

Among other activities, she facilitates “Know Your Rights” workshops on a range of issues including wage theft, discrimination, workplace health and safety, organizing, and immigration. Currently, Emma serves on the steering committee of the Green Light NY: Driving Together campaign, which aims to restore driver’s license access for undocumented immigrants in New York State.

She represents WJCNY in a number of local and statewide coalitions, a well as in the national Food Chain Workers Alliance. Emma is also a co-founder of the UIster Immigrant Defense Network, a newly-formed volunteer organization dedicated to supporting local individuals and families impacted by detention and deportation.

Originally from Kent, Ohio, Emma was raised by activist parents and has been engaged in organizing of one form or another most of her life. Emma moved to the Hudson Valley in 1998 to pursue a BA in Latin American Studies from Bard College. She later attended New York University, where she obtained an MPhil in American Studies. Emma’s past professional experience has included work as a campaign coordinator, international human rights educator, community mediator, academic advisor, and college instructor.